Love and Hope in Action
Love and Hope in Action

Treasure Coast Keller Williams Volunteer Day - May 9, 2024

Family Church North Stuart - April 5, 2024

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon - March 2024

Cottage Buildout Project 2023

Spring Open House 2019

URGENT NEED! ~Top priority ~ Bug Spray. Daily meal service items: eggs, breakfast meats, fresh chicken, ground beef, large bags of sugar, mayonnaise. Saturday to-go bag items: pop-top 18-oz cans: Campbell's Chunky Soup (steak & potato, hearty beef barley). Pop-top 8 oz cans: baked beans (Van de Camp, Bush), Vienna and other variety sausage. Nutri-Grain breakfast bars, fruit-filled Poptarts, family-sized cookies, single-serve cookies, variety soft nutritional bars. (Updated 7/09/2024)

Your donations are always appreciated.  To make a donation or volunteer, please call us today!   


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