Love and Hope in Action
Love and Hope in Action

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Stuart News ran a nice article on us June 25 after hearing about the changes we had made due to COVID-19.  See the pictures and read the full article on this TC Palm online link




Monday thru Friday:

* 9-10 am breakfast to be eaten outside or off property

* 5-6 pm dinner to be eaten outside or off property

* 7am thru 12pm showers and laundry for homeless only (2 in building at a time)

* 4-5:30 pm showers for workers with paystub or that day's work ticket

* 9-10 am Monday and Friday clothing pantry for homeless only (2 in building at a time)

* 4-5:45 pm Wednesday clothing pantry for homeless only (2 in building at a time)

* client mail picked up during mealtime



* 9-10 am breakfast to be eaten outside or off property

* 12-1 pm to be eaten outside or off property

* 8am thru 11am showers for homeless only (2 in building at a time)

* additional take-out nonperishable bag lunch for weekend

* no laundry, mail or office access Saturday




Call 772-781-7002 or send an email to to schedule an appointment with Client Services for intake process.


Call 2-1-1 for a comprehensive list of community services available during the COVID-19. 






Feeding the Hungry,                                   Helping the Homeless

Founded in 2007 and located in Stuart, Florida, Love and Hope in Action (LAHIA) is organized as an independent, nondenominational church under the laws of the state of Florida, exclusively for religious and charitable purposes, and has 501(c)(3) status from the United States Internal Revenue Service.  Our mission is to reach the hungry, homeless and hurting through our ministry which helps meet basic human needs to all those come through our doors.


Our goal is to help transition those out of homelessness and provide a path and opportunity for self sufficiency. We accomplish all of this while meeting their basic physical and spiritual needs. 


Mission Statement:
To demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in Martin County by providing an opportunity for a productive life to the homeless and indigent through helping them meet their spiritual and basic physical needs. 




What do you do when you're approached by a homeless person who is asking for money?

If you've wondered what you should do when approached by a homeless person on the sidewalk or at a red light, this article may help: 

"What to Do When You're Approached by a Homeless Person"
The article was written by Helena Kyle and appeared in the Pineapple Post

in February 2018. 


View article.

Sonny's BBQ Partners with LAHIA 

Find out how you can join with Sonny's BBQ in Stuart to support LAHIA.

More information. 

Your donations are always appreciated.  To make a donation or volunteer, please call us today!   


1760 SE Salerno Rd. Stuart, FL 34997

P.O. Box 1385        Port Salerno, FL 34992

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